Critical Tips for Scooter and Mobile Chairs

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More than 3.3 million people rely on their powered wheelchairs for day-to-day mobility. It is a huge number that begs the question: what happens when a chair breaks down?

Many who rely on these devices every day still don’t know the basics of proper wheelchair and scooter maintenance. A high-quality battery, properly cared for, can be critical to ensuring reliable mobility. Below are some do’s and don’ts to ensure no one gets stranded.

Do charge your battery:
At this risk of stressing the obvious, make sure to charge the battery of your chair nightly. If you don’t keep your chair fully charged, you can experience a decrease in speed as well as delayed responsiveness of controls. Charging your battery eight hours or more per night will keep your chair performing at its best while maximizing the lifespan of its battery. It is recommended to leave your wheelchair plugged into the charger when not in use. Please charge the wheelchair batteries for 24 hours or more once a week.  We recommend checking with your wheelchair manufacturer or us for the right charger.

Do clean your battery:
Batteries don’t require rigorous cleaning, but occasional polishing may be helpful for circuits and basic maintenance. To clean your battery, use only a dry, soft, clean cloth.

Do maintain a consistent speed:
Frequent sudden acceleration and hard stopping can negatively affect your battery. By maintaining a steady speed, you can increase your battery’s health and overall lifespan.

Don’t drain your battery:
Avoid running your batteries to exhaustion. If you continue to run your chair while it is running low, it could cause your batteries to give out on you early down the road.

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