How to Beat the Summer Heat - Prolonging Your Battery Life

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Summertime is here!  As temperatures begin to warm throughout the U.S., below are some simple tips to ensure you get the best battery performance this season.

  • Take preventative measures. There is nothing worse than a dead battery. Keep in mind that the self-discharge of a battery is higher in the summer. Inspect your battery regularly and clean it when dirty. Batteries should be kept in the shade or cooler areas to prevent over-heating. Make sure there is one inch of room on the top and the sides of the battery.  There should be no metal anywhere near the terminals. These proactive steps can go a long way in the summer months.

  • Know the position and location of your battery. Batteries should generally be operated in the upright position and you need to know where they are located in case of any problems.

  • Inspect your battery terminals for corrosion or a loose connection - Visually look at the terminals and try to move the cables connected to the battery terminals to ensure your vehicle or device has a good connection to the battery.
  • Allow time to charge your battery. Faster battery charging isn’t necessarily better. Slow battery charging allows the battery to get a more thorough charge. To allow for the best battery performance, you should allow ample time for a battery to recharge. Research the battery brand to see the duration that the battery should be spent charging. When purchasing a brand- new battery, give it a full cycle of charging for the first time before usage. For example, we recommend consumers to charge our Kinetik® batteries for a full 24 hours before use. If your charger turns green, it will still float the battery to get the charge up to 100%.
  • Use a reliable replacement. Everyone deserves the most reliable power source. An affordable, quality battery purchased from the start sets you up for success. Our batteries are over 50 years in the making.  Check out our inventory here.
  • Check your other equipment such as tires, wheels and brakes. While this maintenance tip doesn’t directly involve your battery, it does impact your battery. Whether a car, motorcycle, scooter or wheelchair, worn or under inflated tires impact the overall functioning of your vehicle and will run the battery down faster.  Visit our website regularly to receive more best practices for battery maintenance. 

Stay safe and cool in the summer heat!